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Industry Panel - Travel & Industry Trends to Help You Navigate 2022

As the short-term rental ecosystem continues to redefine itself throughout the pandemic, hosts and property management companies have spent the better part of 2021 pivoting their strategy to cater to the new standards brought about in recent years. Now, it’s time to focus on the future. What will 2022 bring? What trends will endure and solidify into common practice? What do guests want and how can you attract them? Find out in our upcoming virtual industry panel.

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The Details

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The Details

In this virtual meetup, our panel of industry experts will discuss lessons learned from 2021, the state of recovery in our ecosystem, how the short-term rental space has changed, and what this means for 2022. Drawing from their vast leadership experience, our speakers will share their latest outlooks and insights to provide you with actionable tips to charge forward in this new year.

Attendees will gain insight into:

  • 2022 trends and predictions
  • The state of recovery of the short-term rental industry
  • Analyzing consumer behavior to redefine your brand
  • Actionable tips to increase revenue

The virtual event will be hosted on Zoom and last approximately 1 hour, with time for Q&A.

We'll Cover:

New Industry Standards
New Industry Standards
Consumer Trends
Consumer Trends
Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategies
Traveler Behaviors
Traveler Behaviors

The Speakers

Vered Raviv Schwarz
President & COO
Thibault 1 (1)
Thibault Masson
Rental Scale-Up
Jessica Gillingham Abode PR
Jessica Gillingham
Founder & Managing Director
Abode PR
simon AJL
Simon Lehmann
CEO & Co-Founder
AJL Atelier